How several DVDs do you have scattered around the household that are cracked, scratched or in some way damaged? If you have kids, the answer is possibly quite a good deal!

I was obtaining a little drained of replacing damaged DVDs as they are quite high priced so I hunted about for some software package to allow me copy DVDs on to black DVD R discs. The program was the retain the authentic DVDs somewhere secure and just use the copied DVD variations rather. That way, when they inevitably get ruined, I can just create a further copy for pence, instead than lbs.

The software package I’ve been making use of is DVDneXtCOPY Typical. I paid $49.ninety nine (£30 GBP at the recent exchange rate) for the download specifically from their web-site, nevertheless you can get a boxed model that will come with printed manuals for an extra $twenty.

It works really well and is extremely easy to use, just insert your DVD motion picture and absent you go. There is a full host of useful characteristics which I’ve stated underneath:

  • Duplicate DVD motion pictures specifically to DVD
  • Duplicate DVD motion pictures to your personal computer
  • Duplicate Particular Characteristics (Motion picture Trailers, Commentary, and so forth.)
  • Duplicate Entire Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby Electronic, DTS)
  • Duplicate episodic DVD motion pictures
  • Make copies of DVD copies
  • Copies DVD Motion picture to A person Blank Disc (No Need to have to Split)
  • Make various copies from DVD motion pictures on your tough push
  • Eliminate location limits
  • Preview tracks before and for the duration of copying
  • Search and watch DVD motion pictures on your network
  • Erase and reuse rewritable disks
  • Study with just one push and burn off with a further
  • Supports all Dual Layer/Single Layer disc and burners
  • Supports all SCSI, IDE, USB DVD burners/recorders
  • Supports 1x – 20x velocity blank media
  • Supports equally NTSC and PAL DVD motion pictures

Pretty excellent benefit for the equivalent of £30 I reckon, and it is been extremely useful for me. The greatest matter of all nevertheless was that it is saved me a fortune on continually replacing DVDs wrecked by modest fingers!

Supply by Expecto