Malcolm tram at Bylands

Snapped on a take a look at to the TMSV museum at Bylands, in all probability during the PBPS gunzel outing on Saturday, six February 1993, the ‘Malcolm’ tram that was utilised in the 1986 Australian vintage cult film and is now in preservation.
The TMSV Bylands museum is some 68kms from Melbourne on the Hume Highway.

“Malcolm” is a 1986 Australian film about a very simple chap who was excellent at earning electro-mechanical devices. In the film, Malcolm was sacked from his career with the MMTB because he manufactured his personal tram in the workshops, then took it out on to Melbourne’s streets.
The tram was run by a motor cycle motor via a chain travel to one particular axle. It was pretty primitive … but it only experienced to get the job done a number of times!
The 1986 Australian cult movie was published by David Parker and directed by Nadia Tass.

A YouTube Malcolm film preview clip: at?v=3kpgF2HIALw

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