Movie industry is considered one of the major and powerful industries in the world. The impact of movie industry on education, entertainment and advertising is extremely high. Every year, there are hundreds of block buster or independent movies produced. Budget expending on producing a movie can reach up to billions. Thus, marketing and advertising is the main aim to boost up the sales. Entertaining corporation would not mind investing few millions on a movie trailer and posters.

Movie advertisement or preview is not only available in magazine or newspaper anymore. Actually, the ratio of online advertisement involved in movie industry is relatively higher compare to others. Thus, movie industry can be an obvious example of internet marketing. Whenever a new movie is on, you can easily search it out on the internet. For instance, a movie premiere is on July but we can see their poster and advertisement 3 months in advance by surfing their web pages. Sometimes, internet’s contents could be more fulfill and unique compare to magazine. There is not only poster and brief story on the movie that you are interested but also its trailer. Trailer of a movie is considered the best way to test and to attract audience attention. Instead of showing a trailer on theatre, it will be more effective to show in on internet platform. By showing it online in advance, movie producers are able to do previous estimation and valuate the product accurately. These previews really affect the outcome and feedback of the whole product. Therefore, it is one of the crucial parts in the processing.

Due to the policy and standard of different countries, particular scenes or details may be cut off in the movie theatre. If you want to enjoy the full version of a movie, internet is definitely the best access. Internet marketing has created an opportunity for audience to raise their voice. Audiences have the rights to criticize and comment on different forums. Now, a lot of theatre has an online booking system. Audiences are not necessary to book their ticket in person. It will save us a lot of time and energy.

Internet marketing has aided movie industry to promote their products all around the world. It also builds up a bridge between producer and audience.

Source by Anna Peacocks