These are the opening previews to “Moana” at Cinemark Theatres at Sambil Curacao in 2016. I saw this movie in XD on 11/30/sixteen (Wednesday). This movie features the “Inner Workings” small in advance of it. I failed to want to include the small for it. It is been a week since I previous posted the movie theater openings on this channel, so below you go.

1) Elegance & The Beast (Reside-Motion) Teaser Trailer (2017)
2) Travellers Theatrical Trailer (My sister Zoe wanted to see this movie in advance of she leaves to go to faculty)
3) Monster Vans Trailer (I saw this movie yesterday and it was so neat)
4) Rogue 1: A Star Wars Tale Trailer #2
5) Cinemark XD Bumper (2014-)
six) “Inner Workings” Brief (Not Demonstrated) (I point out this in advance of, this movie has the small in advance of the movie starts off)
7) Walt Disney Shots (2006-) (2011 Variant)
8) Walt Disney Animation Studios (2007-)

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