As in most items, the additional you know and the additional you can do, the additional you make.

A welder without having a welding machine on his trailer or truck is referred to as “single hand.” A welder with a welding rig is a rig welder. A blend welder or “combo welder” is a pipe welder who is licensed 6G in stick and TIG.

Pipe welders with their very own rigs are building up to $twelve,000 a thirty day period in North Dakota.

If a rig pipe welder is selling himself and his machine, what is he receiving for each hour? Someplace from $70 an hour to $a hundred an hour. If that exact same pipe welder has to use an employer’s welder, he’ll be building from $thirty to $fifty an hour.

One more shell out issue which is aspect of the whole equation is for each diem – cash for remaining on or near the task, considerably from residence. Still a further issue that can make up the significant figures is the sum of several hours worked. A welder can be on a task operating twelve several hours a day, 7 times a week, for as a lot as sixty times straight.

What you require to be precious to an employer starts with your welding talent.

Rig or no rig, you may under no circumstances get hired or continue to be hired except if you can move a code welding exam for the enterprise that places you to get the job done. There’s a “Catch 22” below. (FYI, if you really don’t know what a Catch 22 is, lease or stream the movie). They will NOT invite you to exam to weld pipe for them except if you have first licensed as a 6G pipe welder someplace else. What this usually means:

You are likely to have to get your first 6G welding certification on your very own, someplace.

If you might be a very good welder now, and you believe you can move a 6G exam, you can normally uncover a Licensed Welding Inspector – a CWI (beneath the American Welding Culture – AWS) at a single of the junior colleges who’ll certify you for $300 to $600. Now, you can search for pipe task, but it isn’t more than but.

If you are invited to just take a weld exam for a pipeline enterprise or an oil rig outfit, and you move, they nonetheless will not let you weld pipe if you have under no circumstances subject welded pipe before. They will set you on as a helper to a pipe welder. With any luck, that pipe welder will little by little get the job done you in to welding pipe. The moment it is evident that you might be not likely to be blowing joints, they are going to let you weld fulltime.


Pipe educational facilities are total. Your finest wager is to get a very good university welding ebook, and adhere to that to established up to exercise pipe joints at residence. You will conserve a ton of time and cash. You will get additional exercise in then you would at pipe university.

Resource by Scott R. Linden