The Warrior’s Way is a 2010 film directed by Sngmoo Lee. This is Director Sngmoo Lee’s debut film. It was also published by him. The Warrior’s Way was manufactured by Barrie M. Osborne, the same producer of Lord of the Rings, Lee Joo-Ick, Michael Peyser, Man Collins, Stephen Margolis, Albert Martinez Martin, and Douglas Falconer.¬†Filming started in¬†Auckland on November twelve, 2007 and wrapped on February 28, 2008.

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The Warrior’s Way is starred by Jang Dong-gun (“Hurricane” and “Fantastic Morning, Mr. President”), Kate Bosworth (“21” and “The Woman in the Park”), Geoffrey Hurry (“The King’s Speech” and “The King’s Speech”), and Danny Huston (“Robin Hood” and ” The Conspirator”).

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The Warrior’s Way is about a warrior taken aspect by by Jang, who is enforced to conceal in a small town in the American badlands. He satisfies the town drunk participated by Hurry, and a circus knife thrower taken aspect by by Bosworth, each of whom have brawny secrets…

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The Warrior’s Way will have its restricted released on theaters near you on December 03, 2010.

The Warrior’s Way solid of people:
Geoffrey Hurry as Ron
Kate Bosworth as Lynne
Danny Huston as The Colonel
Jang Dong-gun as Jang
Tony Cox as 8-Ball
Ash Jones as Rug
Analin Rudd as Infant April
Nic Sampson as Pug
Ryan Richards as Slug
Matt Gillanders as Geyser
Eoin McDonald as Hell Rider
Chontelle Melgren as Youthful Lynne
Ti Lung

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